The Bayou is Calling

Welcome to the Wetlands Cultural Byway!

A drive along the Wetlands Cultural Byway through southeast Louisiana’s Gulf Coast parishes of Lafourche and Terrebonne offers visitors an abundance of both natural beauty and cultural experiences. The byway corridor is situated on the fragile and fast-changing Mississippi River Delta, where there is an incessant danger of losing both land and the rich cultures thriving there.

This Louisiana Scenic Byway provides a unique look into the rich history of the world’s fastest-vanishing coastline where shrimping, trapping and farming have been a way of life for hundreds of years, and close-knit families have preserved their cultural heritage despite outside influence.The varied cultures of the Native Americans and Cajuns in the region are demonstrated in food, music, customs, language and traditional architectural styles.

The landscape of the roadway is mainly prairie and wetland. With natural bayous and tree-lined swamps, fresh, brackish, and saltwater marshes surrounding much of the environment, water dictates the byway’s twists and turns, giving drivers a choice of entry and exit points along with two interconnected loops and three spurs.

Visitors encounter antebellum plantations, historic downtowns, museums and cultural centers, natural heritage areas, birding opportunities, world-class fishing, freshly-caught seafood restaurants, Native American burial mounds, bayou overlooks, swamp and bayou tours, a world renowned sculpture garden and more as they tour the area served by the byway.

There is a story around every curve of our bayous. Find yours on the Wetlands Cultural Byway.